LifeSport Fitness


LifeSport’s 24th Annual PENNIES FOR POUNDS contest to benefit United Cerebral Palsy was recently concluded with a  record amount of funds raised – over $8,200!  Thanks to all who participated in the contest and thanks to all the area businesses that contributed prizes.

Up Next – LifeSport’s 2016-17 winter motivational contest INERTIA starts November 14 and runs through March 19.

Get your Mass in Gear in LifeSport’s Winter Exercise Activity, INERTIA.

Your workouts turn into miles as you travel the globe.  Area businesses and LifeSport will provide prizes in an attempt to help you exercise consistently.

Here’s how Inertia works.  Every 3 workouts – aerobic, mind/body, or strength training – will turn into miles as you move your girth around the earth.  Averaging just 3 workouts per week will move you completely around the planet and you will log 21,212 miles!  Join now, get fit, have fun and win prizes!